Amanda is a Certified Nutrition Specialist® professional with 15 years combined experience in Allopathic, Integrative, and Functional Medicine. Amanda graduated from the University of Western States with a M.S. in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and graduated with her B.S. in Health Science from Idaho State University. To add, she earned an A.S. in Medical Assisting. As a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she adopted the philosophy that the foods we eat are secondary to having a satisfying career, healthy relationships, physical movement, and discovering a devotional practice.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, namely her two boys. She has volunteered her time with local farms and organizations dedicated to a sustainable food economy and educating consumers. Amanda’s personal interests include gardening, wild edible plants, and herbal medicine. As an Idaho native, mountain biking and snowboarding motivates her to get outside and enjoy nature. Bonus: Amanda loves a good latte!

“As a Nutritionist and Health Coach I create conversation surrounding the connection between nourishment and healing. When we are not in harmony with our true nature we experience imbalances expressed as disease. Each of us is a bio individual, uniquely defined by our genetic and energetic makeup. I am here to walk alongside you in the management of cardio metabolic disease, blood sugar control, detoxification, Hashimoto’s, immune regulation, gastrointestinal (GI) health, and most importantly empowering you to be an advocate in your own health.”