I am a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician with over a decade of experience in the Emergency Department treating a broad spectrum of patients. After working many years in the ER, I began to see needs arise that I wasn’t able to address in the acute care setting. Two main areas being Mental Health and Wounds. To meet these needs, I have chosen to expand my scope of practice by joining the How Clinic.

I received my medical degree from Charles Drew University and University of California Los Angeles. I went on to train in Emergency Medicine residency at the University of California Los Angeles. After training, I worked as part-time faculty teaching residents through UCLA and in the communities of Los Angeles county and most recently San Diego.

Here at the How Clinic, I provide Stellate Ganglion Blocks to those seeking relief from symptoms of severe PTSD. I consider it my privilege to be part of a patient’s care and have honed my skills using precise ultrasound techniques to assist patients using this procedure.

I am also a Certified Wound Care Physician Specialist recognized by the American Board of Wound Management. At the How Clinic, we invite patients to trust us with their wound care needs. I seek to treat the patient as a whole person, not just the wound affecting them. I hold myself accountable to the highest standards of wound care and integrate cutting edge practices that can address the specific needs of each patient’s wound. My hope is that you arrive at our clinic feeling welcome and valued. My goal is that you leave feeling care for, heard, and confident that your wound is on the path to healing.