“My doctor told me “There is nothing you can do for it, and it will just keep getting worse so learn to live with it. Boy was he wrong!”

A few years ago, one of my patients (we’ll call him Jim) came to me and told me that his primary doctor had diagnosed him with peripheral neuropathy. His doctor had told him that he had better learn to live with it because there was nothing that could be done. He was told “It will just keep getting worse, and there isn’t much you can do except accept it and try to live with it.” Jim’s neuropathy made it hard for him to feel his feet but he also had the feeling that his feet were on fire all the time. The worst part of it was that it really made it hard for Jim to trust his feet and his balance. He couldn’t feel the ground and felt really timid about walking as a result. While we started Jim on a treatment course using a combination of techniques, we also checked for all of the common causes of neuropathy. After the first three treatments at The How Clinic Jim started noticing that he was more sure on his feet. After eight treatments he reported that he was able to sleep through the night without getting woken up by his feet being on fire! It took a few months but Jim finally got to the point where his symptoms had improved significantly and we decided together to stop treatments. Jim still comes to the clinic for treatment of other conditions and he is still quite happy with the progress we made treating his symptoms of neuropathy.

Here at The How Clinic in Encinitas, CA we have a number of different options to treat the symptoms of neuropathy. One of the treatments we use to treat peripheral neuropathy is Electronic Cell Signaling Therapy ECST (Electronic Cell Signaling Therapy) is a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment for the symptoms of neuropathy. Neuropathy is a medical condition characterized by damage to the peripheral nervous system, resulting in symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and pain in the affected areas. ECST uses electrical current stimulation to treat these symptoms and improve the function of the nervous system.

How Does ECST Work?

ECST involves the use of low-level electrical currents that are applied to the skin through electrodes. The electrical currents stimulate the nerves in the affected areas, increasing blood flow and promoting healing. The therapy is also thought to help release endorphins, which are natural painkillers produced by the body. The treatment is administered in our clinic by our caring and engaging staff. The length and frequency of treatment will vary depending on the severity of the neuropathy and the individual patient’s needs. An average treatment session takes about 20 minutes. Most people come in 2-3 times a week and a standard treatment course consists of 16-24 sessions.

What Are the Benefits of ECST for Neuropathy?

ECST has several benefits for those with neuropathy. These include:

Improved Nerve Function: ECST stimulates the nerves, which can improve their function and reduce symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and pain.

Non-Invasive: ECST is a non-invasive treatment, meaning there are no incisions or injections required. This makes it a safer and less invasive alternative to surgery or other invasive treatments.

Safe: ECST is a safe treatment option, with few reported side effects. The treatment is also non-addictive, making it a safer alternative to prescription pain medications.

Customizable: The therapy can be customized to meet the individual needs of each patient, making it a highly personalized treatment option.

Cost-Effective: Compared to other treatment options, ECST is a cost-effective solution for neuropathy. It requires fewer visits to the clinic and is generally less expensive than surgery or other invasive treatments.

Is ECST Right for You?

ECST is a safe and effective treatment for neuropathy, but it may not be suitable for everyone. If you are experiencing symptoms of neuropathy, it is important to consult with Dr. How or our fantastic PA Amy Lopez to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and the best treatment options for you.

In addition, individuals with certain medical conditions, such as pacemakers or other implanted medical devices, may not be able to receive ECST. It is important to discuss any underlying medical conditions with us to determine if ECST is a safe and appropriate treatment option.

ECST is a safe and effective treatment for neuropathy that offers many benefits to those suffering from this condition. If you are experiencing symptoms of neuropathy, we would love to meet with you to discuss your options. With the help of this non-invasive therapy, you can improve nerve function, reduce pain and discomfort, and improve your overall quality of life.

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